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Arvind Kejriwal makes baseless accusations against Zee News

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Zeenews

Arvind Kejriwal makes baseless accusations against Zee News

Reportedly Arvind Kejriwal has made baseless accusations against Zee Media.Watch the video to know more.
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The authorities in Punjab have suspended four policemen, who were caught on camera thrashing a young woman in full public view, reports said on Tuesday. With…

riskyror86 says:

They are worst then Somalia….f……..offf…..:+61411375846

ankit prasad says:

Who the fuck has given them right to throw hands on anyone without any
charge…..beating woman is being justified saying she was interrupting the
cops’ job, what about that senile person sitting on the road and taking the

gillsham98 says:

we r police nt nice.minster also not good thats y we r country not nice and
young guy want to going abroad.coz in india very danger for girls everydays
rape rape.i say realy i hate indian police and minsters

venkatesh s says:

Ashamed punjab police

Suman Barua says:

So sad.woman is our mother how can do it police ?

Anil Sharma says:

inna saleya nu v danda chadana chahida h changi taran

Amarjit701 says:

I swear to God.I do not belong to any party.i m ordinary person.I request
to peoples of Punjab.Please please. save punjab from Badal’s family.They
want to control on everything even dhabas,sand.They r looting to punjab.

misser bhatti says:

kute sale harami


punjab Police fuk you

Harvinder Singh says:

in police wolon par rape ka mukadma karna chahiye

frazerpires1 says:

suspended for how long… 2 months or two weeks…. Sad and shocked..

maninder singh says:

sale bhenchod

Raj Thind says:

o sikh veero hosh sumalo badal sala kitho da khalsa

love punjabi says:

My request no body give vot basal and sukhvir

David Rukstales says:

Forward Caste people should live in India on H1B ‘type’ visa as per 4th
August 1932 Round Table Conference Resolution (Communal Award).

Sony Gill says:

shame on punjab police…

gagan9800 says:

Policewale ko zinda jala do

satwinder malhi says:

pocile walya nu goli mar deni chaidi aa badal raj nhi sewa a

Sandeep Pangotra says:

Police wale gande…

maniflora says:

after dehli incidence …i have this bulshit come up…i wanna beat these
guys up in same manner

Ramandeep Singh says:

and y would you say that……..

Vinit Mishra says:

fuck u police……..

sam man says:

cut the dick off this cops or shoot them,,,,

vickycooldivu says:

Police di asli kartot

well justice says:

Sikh Police Murdabad. Janwar.

Naveen Murthy says:

This channel and Indianews are the worst channels in Indian Media

Neeru Mall says:

bilkul all netas are with you. loosers.!!!

ravi gautam says:

abe ch****yo ka cannel hai ye zee news sab to blackmail karne wale hai is
channel me aaj se block ye channel from me and my all friends

Adarsh Kumar says:

brothel media house..

vincenzoo2kk says:

all the corrupt parties and leader are in favour of zee news.

nirmal gulia says:

Kya Zee News ko , zimmedar “shabd ” ka aarth maloomhai.
Desh ko pichhe dhaklne mein MEDIA bhee zimmedar hai.

aRPIT rATHI says:

@Zee News and all other corrupt channels, remember:

The media’s power is frail. Without the people’s support, it can be shut
off with the ease of turning a light switch.

-Corazon Aquino

prince arora says:

Zee news bjp auraurcongress k saath hai. Bluddy dramebaaz

Atul Maurya says:

zee news wahi na jiske editor jail gaya tha …zindal ne phad di thi inki
… dala zee news

Saumitra J says:

Worst news channel ever. Learn from the Hindu what journalism is 

Adm!n says:

AAP ke bees bees hazaari kutte bhauk rahe hain.

Tmkoc Fan says:

look! zee news who shows pigeon’s love and freaking frog talking. showing
us this BASELESS news

Nitin PATIL says:

Zee news.. why are you loosing your credit by showing false news.. shame on

reach spring says:

zee news credibility is zero. known for paid news. always works for vested

lets create history says:

chor channel..

kamal pandey says:

Ye sirf paiso k liye chalne wala channel h.. 100 crore ki ghoos ka case
tumhare hi do dallo k uppar h bhul gae..

bubu chatterjee says:

zee news a fraud channel , is channel ko ban karo

Subodh Rawat says:

Cheater Zeenews

San says:

AAPand Kejriwal are liars !


Arre bhai had kar dee ZEE NEWS, yaah toh aap bik gaye hain yaphir Kejriwal
se khunnas nikal rahe ho, Hum public hain hum sab jaante hain, 

Sujan Barman says:

media ke pass sabudh hota hey aur nehi vi hota hey ..jinko samaj me aye who
samaj jayenge..

Pankaj Dhiman says:

zee news please clear ur facts that re election will only cost 54 crore and
u r saying 200 crore, u r saying wrong things…pls clear ur facts and try
to do more work for checking authenticity

bijoy barua says:

naveen jindal wala sting operation ke bare mai stand clear kar do
zara….. ha ha ha janta sab janate hai…

sukhpreet singh mander says:

Zee news irritating me