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Sumeet Kalsey

“Tips for Writing Arrangements”, a tutorial from Music Serving the Word Ministries

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Videos

Chuck Marohnic shares tips on writing musical arrangements for church worship. Learn more at http://www.musicservingtheword.org And learn about The Jazz Psal…
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Michael Peterwerth says:

Thanks for this fantastic video !

therealKINDLE says:

You make an important point about getting lost in Technology. Which so many
have done of late. They hear a powerful preset, & they let that do all the
hard work! However, it is also important not to prejudice such a powerful
tool because it doesn’t sound as expensive & authentic as real instruments.
All to often, & this seems to be with the older artists, people tend to
negate electronic sculpture & rely on real instruments straight away. It
prevents them from getting creative & innovative imo.

paul allen says:

really enjoyed watching you play this and i love the chords you used.

Bruce Morgan says:

great song,great arrangment,good english..regards

softpiano20 says:

What sort of piano tebre is it? Is it built in Roland or some kind of VST?

Blind Man Bert says:

I also relate to what Chuck says about not getting hung up on sequencing
and recording technology during the arranging process as this gets in the
way. You should let your mind go completely free of technology during the
creative stages. Production is a separate thing. Actually, there’s a fellow
here who breaks down the production steps in detail: watch?v=E_JReiE1uFk

arfurlife says:

absolutely superb. What an inspiring and brilliant teacher you are.

bassruner says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!!

eatmeatleet says:

weakness of knowing music translate to my software

Rodrigo Begazo says:


Eric Richards says:

Probably a V7/vii. But instead a BbM7 predominant chord rather than a BM7.

thebloodofhisdeath says:

What i don’t understand is why he choose to Eb from C. If you know please
do message me.

Robert Turner says:

i love your style, nice touch bro, perfet feel and great tempo. great!

Xamanthas says:

I agree wholeheartedly about many of us getting lost in technology but I
also agree with what @therealKINDLE said

Hereson0 says:

Chuck Marohnic. =)!

03Blackbeard says:

You’ll make a good Christian yet 😛

nargargole says:

Nay brother, I am too full of fear and greed to give away all my
possessions! A truly moral person has no fear, or if he has, he or she has
come to terms with it; they feel the fear of their vows to poverty and
follow them anyway. Creativity is a kind of possession, so in a way I
admire the Medieval Church which banned all but the plainest of musical
expressions of Faith.

Hugo França says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for the nice playing!

Jake Kerley says:

Its a Roland Fantom x8.

nargargole says:

But surely the idea of a hymn is to express the lyrics so that religous
ideas are expressed in an accessible way? The hymns of John Weseley et al
are intended to rouse the believer to ‘keep the Faith’ and moral
steadfastness in the face of temptations such as alcohol? . Are not the
lyrics lost in Jazz?

izaak mccullough says:

Make not take

Blind Man Bert says:

Excellent tutorial. I commend Chuck for the clarity of explaining his own
thought process and the different choices that can be made. It’s also a
slightly different process adapting / arranging from existing material for
solo instrument vs. orchestrating for small or large ensemble. You can go
much deeper by arranging for an ensemble as you can explore harmonic and
rhythmic counterpoint (interweaving). My own passion.

Rodion Zonov says:


audiotrax2000 says:

Man, I wish I had the skills to do what you can do with a keyboard and a
simple melody.

izaak mccullough says:

How did he take the key change transition sound good at 7:30?