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Hasee Toh Phasee – Ishq Bulaava New Full Video

February 4, 2014, by admin, category Videos

“It’s the heart and not the ears that hear when love beckons.” Here is a song which captures that magical moment when one hears love calling – Ishq Bulaava. …

meatrealwishes says:

this song sounds very much familiar…..:/

waleed ahmed wadkar says:

N1…must say..

Janine M. says:

I agree. .. Arjun & Parineeti.

Sam Singwani says:

superb song

Megha Dey says:

Sanam puri’s voice so good!! Pari n sid ♥ ♥

happy kumar says:

nc song:)

Kiran Gautam says:

This song is very nice and taching.

Zeenat Farheen says:

Such a lovely song! <3

Kishore Kumar says:

siddharth and parineeti — Good Pair

Saayonika Saha says:

Best song of the film

Vikas Kumar says:

it good song

Arun Maravi says:

nice lyrics

shabaz ali khan says:

Good music in d start bt fails latr in d song XD

ganesh chondekar says:

what a line…..tu hasdi rave mai hasata rava…

Farhan Gani says:

These kinda hindi songs r very nice to hear. Usually the disco type of song
gets boring. These songs lasts according to me and it’s more original than
the “western type of hindi disco songs”.

ayesha ahmed says:

i am in love with this song :)

Samarth Sikotara says:

Nice Lyrics..Loved it :)

Missinwyne says:

lyrics and music is simply awesome but not really fan of voice . vocals
could create magic with this song and thats missing here . 

Mayank kayastha says:

Love d song aftr 1:11……Quite gd…music and lyrics…

m tezasvi says:

beautiful song and video

anubhav agarwal says:

on loop

TheNananana1996 says:

They look sooo cute together!!

gurpreet singh says:

Sooooooo Like v i tttttttttt…..

Robin Raj says:

Best song ever. 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks for this beautiful song.

Siddharth Dwivedi says:

#Loveanthem 2014