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Endrendrum Punnagai Official Trailer ft. Jiiva, Trisha, Santhanam

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Videos

Check Out the Official Trailer of Endrendrum Punnagai a Romantic Comedy Film directed by I.Ahmed Starring – Jiiva; Santhanam; Trisha Krishnan; Vinay ; Andrea…

Irandam Ulagam is a much awaited Indian romantic drama film produced simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu languages. The film is directed by Selvaraghavan, The…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sree says:

Why this Kolaveri…let the movie release and then decide… ­čÖé

Sree Kuttan.p.s says:


Rooban raj says:

plz respect the effort of the director of this movie..!! ´╗┐

Vignesh R.J says:

aiyo – everythn in this movie is copy.. bgm is ‘o fortuna’ copy.. graphics
scenes and all – same like avatar.. bored seeing copied stuff´╗┐

Kathir Raj says:

all indian people if u all nt support selva sir it’s k, but please don say
that he is copying from hollywood movie…………give a support´╗┐

dr jameel akhter says:

Good trailor´╗┐

Kobishaa Kanagasooriyar says:

I love it next time please put the whole movie´╗┐

Sinu Wilson says:

The best fucking movie ever iin tamil cinema….bullshit´╗┐

Nirosi Manoharan says:

irandam ulagam´╗┐

Khalil Bawsa says:

Shut the fuck up haters. Give selva a chance to prove himself. Fucking
cunts. Lai nabei chibai´╗┐

Parvathi Tamilsalvan says:

People who claim this is a remake of the movie ‘Another Earth’, you are
making a fool out of yourself. First of all in that movie the so-called
‘other world’ is not shown except in the sky, like the moon. And a girl
doesn’t travel to that world to find her lost loved ones. She killed a
family in a accident and wants to unite a surviving family member with the
deceased. Only part which seems similar is that in both worlds there are
people who look alike. If u take that then almost all the movies in this
world will be a copy of one another. If we can’t appreciate someone’s
effort and hardwork it’s ok. But don’t say nasty things based on your
assumptions. Like they say, if you got nothing nice to say then don’t say. ´╗┐

Nandu Srk says:

Avatar in tamil´╗┐

Aprajithan Suryan says:


Tom Xander says:

I am not sure about the story, but there are clearly copied aspects from
movies such as Forbidden Kingdom (character played by Jackie Chan), Upside
Down (story concept) and the age old parallel universe theory applied in
movies like The One. If you did see the movies above you would see things
just from watching the trailer! Good try though. Execution is where this
movie has lacked. Didn’t turn out like a blatant copy like krish´╗┐

Mohamed Sharfudeen says:

evlo naalaikkuthaan punch dialogue and masala padathaye paakkurathu intha
maathiri padathayum konjam welcome pannunga bro…..´╗┐

Subin Mavunkal says:

ohhh…shit …poor vfx ! Vinayan did better than this in malayalam!´╗┐

Satheekshana Nirmalaraj says:

So scary´╗┐

Anisha Nisha says:

Wow! Eagerly awaiting for this movie. Trailer itself made me felt goose
bumps! Hats off for turning Indian movies to Holywood era.´╗┐

Rosealinda1602 says:

rubbish story but great acting´╗┐

Sahm A says:

Its an ok attempt. But for what Selva was trying to achieve he didn’t have
the right story for it. So it seemed like some fairy tale at the end. The
acting and music were the inky good aspects of the film. Arya and Airidh to
the rescue´╗┐

Devi Padinhatath says:

Arya’s mAgic once again´╗┐

mike jay says:

this is a copy of an english movie called “The Fountain” ( 2006)´╗┐

priyadharshins-s Dharshini says:
Shadeer Anas says:

again aarya!!! ;)´╗┐