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“Chammak Challo Song Making” Feat. Akon, Vishal & Shekhar

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Videos

You have already seen various versions of “Chammak Challo” but now its time to see how that song actually came into existence. Watch the full video of “Ra On…
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Jyotirmoy Banerjee says:

Enjoy the hardship..!!

chitta ranjan says:

I like

Anirudh Natarajan says:

dang akon actually sounds hindi

NOUR HOUdA says:

very beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul

mohammedi mohamed says:


Yara Singh says:

Hahaha That’s awesome he enjoys singing in Hindi
Proudly Indian <3

fernendez nm says:

awesome Akon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U not only rock this song but certainly shock us all…AKON chamaka rakhana

lyn sal says:

i love this song …nice song to dance to it ))(())((
what dose mean chammak challo means ?
love akon ,love the actors ,love the film wow
love love indian moives 

eternallyouthful says:

It’s crazy because my dad is born and raised in India and I am American
born and raised, this is like two of my worlds collided. 

ياسين شوي says:


chantal topac says:

ra.one the best movie <3

Eva May says:

Akon i’ll b ur chammak challo anytime

muhammad ridhwan says:

curry fish pls

scorpionking129 says:

Happy New Year.

ImperialPimp says:

Wow, Akon did a super job on this track ! Respect ! !

sathish sathish says:

Like my Akon Chapman Challo

Zain Hussain says:


Hina Shaikh says:

akons a fast learner

shubhangi piya says:

Hahaaa… love you akon…. … you are my hero… 

YTUBE508 says:

Cool that Akon sings in Hindi for this song. Wish that he sang in Hindi for
Criminal too. 

Mehdi Elfarissi says:

Good Work Mr Akon

Vishal Bhammarkar says:

Excellent work Mr Akon

Oshini Perera says:

He’s really good

Boss ko says:

So Great !I Like All!

Ananya M.Rao says:

can u believe it????? akon singing chammak challo………….