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Arrambam – En Fuse Pochu Promo Song

February 4, 2014, by admin, category Videos

Listen to En Fuse Pochu Promo Song from the Movie Arrambam Song — En Fuse Pochu Film — Arrambam Singer — Karthik, Ramya NSK Music — Yuvanshankar Raja Lyr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch one of the most beautiful songs in recent times portraying the bond between a father and his daughter so wonderfully. Song: Aarukkum Thozhan Movie Than…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sanjeevan Nanthakumar says:

Ram Sir Once Again U Proved That you are a Best Director.,.,

Naga Sundaram says:

Awesome song…. Waiting for this movie

VJ GP says:

Yuvan the great!!! His Albums were terrific.

Joson Ravel says:

Who the Hell Disliked this video ?????

Praveen Kumar says:

Sony Rocks thanks for giving this awesome video 🙂

Udaya chandran says:

Ananda Yazhai Song with 5.1 Tracks ?? how to get this @Sony Music India ?

strhfilqa says:

சில திரைப் படங்களை தடை செய்ய போராடும் சிலர் ஏன் இது போன்ற நல்ல இயக்குநரின்
படங்களை வெளியிட உதவக் கூடாது?

Pravin Rama says:

Awesome song by awesome lyrics.. Beautiful !

Arun Pandiyan says:

I’ll watch the movie, only for this awwsome song!! xD 🙂

kandiah ariyanayagam says:

நிலாவைபோல கையேந்தும் உறவுகள் பிரிந்து செல்லும் போது …

sathya sathya says:

love it. beautiful

Joyvinod Kumar says:

Superr work sir…..i have seen ur last movie katradu tamil…that was also
superb…i am eager to watch this movie…

Harish Chilamkurthi says:

the song is good but i dont understand the meaning of it..can any help me
with it.

babluyadav734 says:


Monica Dasi says:

My mother tongue is Telugu and I didn’t understand the meaning of the song
but I loved it.The music soothing and healing and Whoa ! I heard this song
more than the singer could’ve before singing ! What a master piece !

wilson rosario says:

Wow what a making extraordinary

karthick hariharan says:

There is a world that exists which disliked this Master Piece .

jagannaath dir says:

Amazing visuals & emotions… Ram, u r reall y not only good father for
her, also once again u proved that good film maker. ALL D BEST.

Krishna Ammineni says:

Wow Awesome picturization of Western Ghats 

B Aravindh says:

Thangameenkal – Aanandha Yaazhai Official Song VideO…….

Santhini Ramasamy says:

For loving fathers …..

Thangameenkal – Aanandha Yaazhai Official Full Song Video

Shakthi Saga says:

Maanangettavanungala.. Aabaasama Oru Paattu Vandha Adhukellam Avlo Likes
Thareenga.. Oru Unmayaana Paasatha Adhuvum Ivlo Azhagaana Varigal’la Sonna
Dislike Pannuveenga.. Thu.. Seththudunga da.. Love You RAM Sir..

jamunamahadevan says:

mismerising music

Keerthana Purushothaman says:

my bad 21 ppl dislike this song 

Karuppan Pl says:


Md Kasim says:


kaali333 says:


Ambi Sumbi says:

arya thala sumava solirpaaru really u r awesummm

pravin m.s says:

YuVaN Da

sathish kumar says:

Arya ku voice eh set agalaya.. anyway song is good.

Blackappleberry01 says:

Ajith arya sema combo ..

Saeedchennai says:

Luv u Aryaaaaaaaaa

Mathi azhagan says:

our pondy

Ambi Sumbi says:

pondy pondy

Viknaraja Live says:



Mass song 

Pavithran Sundar says:

Tapsee yukkkk

Sh Sor says:

Good song

jacboi89 says:


ma sa says:

Arya Nayan sema hot pair – Taapsee should have been paired with Ajith

PaadalVarigal says:

#Arrambam En Fuse Pochu Promo Song.. Video: http://lyr-ics.in/1c8jib8 #Thala
#Ajith Lyrics: http://lyr-ics.in/1gf4x72

balaji l says:

nice song lovablevideo.blogspot.com

XxXDarknightXx says:

Awesome song u1 rockzzz

galee shan says:

thala pola varuma

galee shan says:

arya soooooooooooooper song

goldwin prince says:

I miss hare rama song

goldwin prince says:

Thala ajith

Goushik says:


Md Kasim says:

Super movie

mjnikimj says:

Bad song n movie