Sumeet Kalsey

277/25, Asha Ganj, Ajmer
Sumeet Kalsey

The Newshour Debate: Insult and an Apology – FULL DEBATE

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Timesnowonline

In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists — Dr. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Spokesperson, Congress; Sudhanshu Trivedi, Spokespe…
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In this episode of The Foodie, Kunal Vijaykar visits the city of Ajmer, which is a popular pilgrimage centre for the Muslims. Especially famous is the Dargah…

Sapana Biswa says:

It’s very unhealthy

ssshaks5 says:

Lovely streets of Ajmer.. Heaven on earth.. been and would live to visit
again soon .. Doodh jalebi and malai wow.. gonna try… hes a jolly fellow.
Bless him

Vijayalakshmi Ashokkumar says:

my mouth is watering cant resist…. feel like going to india…

raja25srs says:

How much you can eat dude?look at your single big Ab out of six abs

Jonathan D'Souza says:

kitna khata,,, khya variety khaata !! baap re baap, what a freakin awesome
job, best of non veg to best of veg

Farhan Ansari says:

awesome job he’s got!

vishal dhawan says:

kitna khata hai baap…. hats off 2 u

Neo says:

keema,kaleji ,bheja,stoo,kabab……..yummy !!! kadi kachori on d top of
it……nw dats wat i say…. irresistible 🙂

The500k says:

All those people in the background watching Kunal host the show and eat..
Don’t they have anything better to do than just stand there? Or is it some
kind of cultural thing, I don’t know..

sunshineaugust says:

What a wonderful treat

nandievents1 says:

kindly check ur cholestrol and triglycride or lipid time to time because we
love you pl take care of ur helth too dear

knicknak1 says:

True foodie man does this guy like his food He’s Like the Asian version of
Adam Richman I love it when he says BUTTER Like he’s. Got a chunk of it at
the back of his throat I’m from the Uk love to go to Ajmeer

datywagwanb says:

Fat cunt

badabing says:

If his top part of his body gets any bloated he’s going to fly away lol

TameTusker Silly says:

A few strips of anti-cholesterol pills in your pocket when you visit these
places..ah..as long as you dont worry about clogged arteries you can
indulge yourself i guess!

Where Eagles Dare says:

They don’t like youtube…

Ravindra Mathur says:

you should have gone for Buddha Mal’s SOHAN HALWA & BALUSHAHI Kunal 

Mustang Power says:

what is so unusual about DOODH JALEBI?? Its pretty common in India..

Prahelad Prajapati says:
Subha Das says:

Shame on that minister..Such a disgrace..Our Only hope Narendra Modi…

hateis632 says:

You have forgot ?? What the Tigers did to your Soldiers ?? Dont be rude !!

Ron Mike says:

Listen ppl Srilankan government killed 500 of your fucking Indians citizns
in south. Government couldn’t do shit about it. Why should they care abt
Five men?….Indians are fucking pussies can’t fight for shit.

htgajjar says:

Nitish Kumar is Anti-India he loves Pakistanis and Islamic Terrorists but
hates Narendra Modi ji and Gujaratis

ILU all says:

fuck congress and JDU

Palak Jain says:

I am not surprised as Nitishkuman gets funding from Pakistan and China
proved by his own MPs….. This politician should be hanged openly. No more
talks. Only hope is Narendra Modi.

Aditya Kumar says:

see GD Bakshi’s anger

rawify says:

There is no god to help you. You people have to help yourself

priyaranjan singh says:


mallikarjuna reddy says:

Suchacunts…. Shame India.. What these politicians made this great Indians
… What a shame … God damn… God bless India…. MODI in 2014 or never
folks…. Get use to it

Nikhil Barwal says:

it’s happen only in india

Archana Avasthi says:

Our politicians r so senseless towards every human being & esp our Army.
Rather they should be thankful b’coz of them they are roaming freely. Army
scarifies their lives for us and in return can’t we give them respect also,
how shameful? For every politician make it mandatory that one of their
child is ought to join Army and for lifetime they will serve j&k

hateis632 says:

General G.D Bakshi and Colonel Anil Kaul…..You both are real Indians !!
Love you both.

Subha Das says:

Sack that minister if you are really sorry

Tejinder Singh says:

bihar minister remarks is shameless but kargil war is different issue, it
was failure on the part of intelligence and army that pak soldiers were
able took 110 posts inside our territory and army didn’t even had any cue
about that, were they drunk? how many soldiers lives that carelessness

Vijay Shetty says:

when a person, any citizan or any arm force personal person suffers, fights
or dies for his nation, no joker can be free to get away with his anti
national words or policy. no apology is a reward for his joke. there has to
be a code to punish him or her and or his suporters one or many.

mallikarjuna reddy says:

Well said… We elected him and we have right to ask him to go…. When
does this king rules dynasty culture go in India ??? God save us… No
hope, never unless a miracle happens … God bless India and send the
miracle to India… We waiting ….

kasthuri77 says:

Ask this impotent minister to patrol LOC for a day, i bet it’ll scare the
shit out of him. he was so arrogant with the reporter talking about father
and mother. JDU and congress are in a race to dig their own graves faster
than the other, we dont want to be ruled by impotents who dont respect our
brave soldiers.

14Shweta says:

This bloody Minister is a shame….Modi is only hope!!!