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Is China deliberately goading India with this incursion? (Part 1)

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Newsxlive

NewsX Debate is a NewsX special show which debates the main news event of the day. Indian Army has moved re-enforcements to contain Chinese intrusion in Lada…
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tobacco118 says:

Who needs the metric when we kicked the Brits out? Except for the former
slaves of british empire, like you indians. Yeah, English common law and
parliamentary system. Heck, even India was create by the Brits. SLBM? What
a dumbass, cruise missile is short range, 300km?. You don’t even have an
ICBM you want to fight China? LOL, 3rd country, 3rd world education, 3rd
world intellect.

Smoker-Ajitabh says:

Delhi gangrape ke dauraan bahut saara Indian youth badh-chadh ke aaya. Aisi
jagahon par kya ho jaata hai Indian youth ko? Aur jab army mein jaane ki
baat aati hai, tab kya hota hai Indian youth ko? Aur jab border par jaane
ki baat aati hai tab? I’ve dropped out from my engineering college 5 days
ago after seeing news abt this invasion Giving SSB in a couple of days,
getting into Indian army. Jab main aise decisions le sakta hun, to baaki
Indian youth Kyon nahi? Kaun aa raha hai mere saath mein?

Sadananda Thongam says:

if india bomb chinese soldier , india will vanish along with it….

deadleader1 says:

haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa heeee hoooooooo! another dreamer1


lol u funny… if india can do that, what can China do in return? haha,
india will die first…

Anh Khong says:

India should be tough to protect its border.

allseethru says:

Chinese leaders are most corrupt and have children and millions in USA.
China will collapse from revolution when usa wants it to !!!!. It’s all USA
game please understand it .!!!!

AndroidGZS says:

this is basically the fox news of india.

Preet Dhillon says:

Few old Hindu temples are many kilometeres inside the China now which was
part of India many years ago. Those places was economical possession of
Hindu indians before, Indians were driven out of those places gradually
with threatening. This is showing that China is intruding in India from
many last centuries to increase its geographical area.

456inthemix says:

In the same lines, a protest demonstration was also organised by students
from the Ladakh region in Macleodganj, Dharamshala, wherein they criticised
the government of India for not taking necessary actions to keep the
Chinese PLA away from the LAC. Tibetan students taking part in the protest
reiterated the fact that they do not want Ladakh to be another Tibet, which
is why they appealed to the Indian Government to take action against the

456inthemix says:

In a protest held outside Jammu University on 23 April 2013, members of
Ladakh Students Association shouted slogans against the incursion and urged
the government against acting as a “mute spectator”. The student group
urged the Centre to take measures to check the aggressive posturing of
China, and said that the Ladakhis feel insecure by the repeated incursions.

Neil Nitin says:

06:17 Awesome Swamy..kicking media’s a** Indian media…all brought out or
botched up or so called self regulatory media…do all the gimmicks to get
TRPs. There should be a limit on total no media houses…if u dont want to
do that impose strict media regulation laws and punish media if they cross
line…but i dont think strict regulation wud work for obvious
reasons…jus limit say 3 hindi media..3 english media and 3 local media
per state…. and rest all entertainment media..

Wu Song says:

this shit, indians media are so inferior. The Chinese and world media
didn’t even mentioned anything. Indians media creating the so much fear in
their people. I think china should teach indians a good lesson again.

pinagan king says:

Actually my country has a high gdp rate and it is one of the 5 fastest
developing countries among china and u are wrong we are a very fast
developing country and our millitary is the most strongest in south asia
but we are peace loving and thats why other countries always take advantage
of us so please get ur facts right and get real

TheAsiaCentury says:

why dont u guys stop speaking english first?

Tim Bullas says:

Indian government is sleeping. This chinese people should be kicked out
before its too late.

6Ishan says:

Clearly India is scared of China but Indians are more talented and brave
compared to Pakis ans Chinese together . If china is invading india we
should put hordings on border saying ” be ready to get fucked ” . Long live
India . Pak is doomed along with hr pimp China.

allseethru says:

China would not dare to do this with Russia !!!!!. The Vietnamese kicked
Chinese asses in the 1990s when they tried the same thing with them . If
India does not kick them out be prepared for more intrusions !!!!.

allseethru says:

Well as I was sayin, it all comes to wether you wanna live in a communistic
china or a free country like India with all it’s fault. No body can send
you to jail in India without a trial, in china they come in the middle of
the night and you have no chance forever !!!!.

shabzzuk says:

China and Pakistan will fuck lundia soon

wayne johnson says:

blow the crap out of the chinese


lol, you are the person who doesn’t consider the feedback I guess… if you
bomb the Chinese, what would Chinese do in return? you will lose again in
an all out war…

Sadananda Thongam says:

china did with Russia also during soviet era….

HunnyCatch says:

Porkis like it or not, right now you will sound like a pig getting in
between a Dragon & a Tiger fight so back off before you are crushed like
pork shit. Sikhs have enough mantle to know its friends & enemies better,
besides it’s out countries we are talking about not religion. India is my
motherland & I will muscle any enemy, Chinese or Pokis & except death with
all the joy if I have to for my motherland.

MrAmsterdamcity1 says:

You can wait 4 ever. China doesn’t even have 1 A bomb.