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Dr Zakir Naik Exposed NDTV India Repor

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Ndtvindia

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This is a solid panel discussion with leading scholars, columnists, intellectuals, and politicians on whether India has been better off with Partition. It re…
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Absolute Moron Tarun Vijay – after 62 years still not Reconciled & more
important not subjected to revulsion of what we all can clearly see where
Pakistan is heading for – Jihadi friendly haven! Morons – still living in
Dream world! No wonder BJP party is such a huge born loser!

Satya Anveshaka says:

Hey those 3 million lives should mean so much… we all know before
partition in 1947, we all had fought alongside but then think if they were
no boundaries think if everyone is with brother-hood and live together in
harmony and excel in science and every other field we can have g(olden)
glory back.

Satya Anveshaka says:

wow the best line, either the columbus or vasco da gama came for india not
just for musheerabad 🙂 and by the way the anchor was horrible

Elton Dsilva says:

Jinnah, and his stupid “Two Nation Theroy” ! Jinnah really succeded in
Dividing the sub continent !

Elton Dsilva says:

Super Observation a very true statement.

TheEsotericDesi says:

@cillantro Thanks to Gandhi and Nehru’s post-Independence nonsense, we’
Indians are still suffering…

Khan12078 says:

Khyber Pakhtun would of not acceded to India nor would Balochistan

Ferrarifazer5269 says:

Thanks to Jinnaha that we got Indo-Pak classic cricket matches

Sameer Singh says:

I don’t know about anything else,but we could have had a great cricket

irshaad86 says:

@workhardt2 I don’t know what made you say that in undivided India, there
would be too much stagnation, corruption becoz Pakistan raced ahead of
India in 1950s and 60s in both economic terms and as well as in other
terms. Even if you take a look right now, Pakistan fares better than India
in certain sections even after being engulfed in war and political
instability. Muslim problems? Don’t you think there are hindu problems
aswell. Communal polarization is still there and it won’t go so easily.

Carter Das says:

u r right man 🙂

itsmeeeeeeeeeee says:

IF you aunt had a moustache you could have called her Uncle! Ifs and Buts’
aside in the present situation, it would hurt India a lot if we were to
re-united with Pakistan. Noone can change the past. Two wrongs dont make
one right when history is written.

Citabria007 says:

Wish, Partition had gone on without all the violence..but Partition was the
best thing to happen to India, Thank you Jinnah.

MrLonelygoatherd says:

the guy talking at 6:23 has no idea about our history!!

Kartik Rathnam says:

@PakPORKistan are you sure all the fanatics went to pakistan during

Elton Dsilva says:

Well, the idea or the first priority of any nation is to raise the living
standards of its citizens. With an undivided India, i fear there would be
too much stagnation, corruption, communal polizations, and the arab, muslim
problems would be India’s nemesis.

cillantro says:

Defenitely but Pakistan should have been a country within a country or an
enclave like Lesotho is within South Africa.They should have been
landlocked.This piece of land should have been well within India the likes
of UP or Madhya pradesh or Jharkhand.Instead our great Ghandi Ji gave away
the most cultivable and fertile land with the indus river and our(Indian)
civilizations’ birthplace the Indus valley to the pakis.You don’t give the
land they ask to secessionists,only the ones you want to give

Carter Das says:

bangladesh and india can be reunite but not pakistan!!

MrSatyanveshi says:

No Pakistani will say partition was a bad thing No Pakistani will speak
good about any hindus So why are Indian people romanticizing that partition
was bad and we that we are brothers? Can’t you read and understand
Pakistani view points? Don’t be foolish Pakistanis are no brothers they are
just hindu haters and india haters.

mayank Manchanda says:

LOL a person who steals stuff of handicap people is also involved in the

Alok B says:

@TheEsotericDesi if it wld not have been congress, India wld have been much
better … A son who have fought for his mothers freedom cannot be called
the father of that mother. Son will always remain the son.

Elton Dsilva says:

At that time the cause was right, a separate homeland for Bengali so as to
give more priority to Bengali language. But see this sub continent is about
cultures. Bangladesh, Pakistan are parts of India. As you have rightly
noted in another video. Therefore you assistance is needed in India as
well. Muslims in India are a minority. With Bangladesh merger, Bengali
Muslims can assist Indian Muslims, and us Indian Hindu. You have a greater
cause beckons.

baadindyan says:

Partition had nothing to do with Islam. Islam is capable of surviving in
multicultural society with secularism at state level just like it is well
flourishing in India, UK, Canada, US etc. Partition had more to do with old
caste rivalries. The low castes of east bengal, west punjab, sindh, were
largely converted to islam leading to a situation looking like hindu social
economic domination over muslims…nothing to do with the creed of islam
versus the several creeds of hindus

Elton Dsilva says:

Yes but in Undivided India. There would surely be some Hindu, Muslim
problems. but okay i now believe that the partition was a mistake. Pakistan
is deeply entrenched with Indian/pakistani culture. A partition based on
religion, is just bad in its idealogy. It just a very bad thing. I hope
India moves to bury this partition theory with atleast better relations
with Bangladesh.

roxor1080 says:

I’m Pakistani, but just have to say a thing to the ones talking of ‘Muslim
extremism’ : if the Partition hadn’t occured, there would be no Islamic
extremism, as Pakistan, being an ideological based on religious
denominations demands these developments. Personnaly, I’ve got a more
cultural point of view, and I think that dividing the Punjab region was
really, really bad.

AbidcServices says:

indian media khud kuch nhe kar sakte tou muslims ko zakir ke khilaf kar
rahay hain lolz