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Don’t need character certificate from Rahul Gandhi: Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV

February 3, 2014, by admin, category Ndtv

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal says it makes no difference to him that Rahul Gandhi said the Congress needs to learn fr…
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Asaduddin Owaisi in The Big Fight Debate: Full Episode NDTV Will the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections be Communalised ??? YES and it ll be by the communal forces lik…
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Bc Mc says:

@ to muhammad abdul Hasham: (comment 2): and muhammed did not stop at
insults. What did he do when he conquered Mecca? Did he show any respect
for the religious beleifs of the people there? NO. He went and smashed 360
idols in the Qaabaa and he took over the shrine. To this day, muhammed’s
followers bow down to a shrine that they took by force from members of a
different religion! And all muslims say it was of the muslims all along…
from pre-muhammed times. Muhammed showed not the SLIGHTEST RESPECT for the
beleifs of other religions or humanity etc. Muhammed maarred, called names
to kaafir’s gods, parents etc. and destroyed all of them. All this bcoz
muhammed did not beleive what others’ beleived (see comment 3:)

Anup K says:

Now secular and terrorist clubbed together. one secular was caught for
advocating for congress for money(2g), another one was caught for rape. 

Shoeb Syed says:

AAP party zinda Baad

Dex m.g.n says:

Islam Had destroyed so many Hindu Temples in the Past For Peace Sake Let
The Hindus have that one RAm Mandir They Want ISLAM Please Give back the
Ram Temple To The Hindus For Peace 

Srinivas Bhaskar says:

Identity is made by deeds of a person or a community. We all know what
deeds the community has done in the past. So the identity still remains. It
is spectacularly stupid to say, “They say India first, so my identity is

Sriniwas T says:

You have though choice, 2 existing party and new Party AAP with fresh blood
of younger generation with new thoughts. Your answer should be AAP. You
should be optimistic and not pessimistic in thinking.If you want to change.
You should give a chance to prove them. NOTE : Clear in your mind no one is
perfect. The whole world is inperfect– me or you or somebody. All your
fingers are not equal. Reservation: This is hard fact reservation is curse
to society at large over exploitation of reservation and Zero to Talent.
Key to success: Honesty / Dedication and Talent are required for my country
to develop and fight against big Nations. Now I put the following facts :
Our country system was perfect and we were called golden Bird till Mughal
entered and destroyed our system. We were ruled by Britisher for 200 yrs
and whole system was broken. My culture is far more old than 5000 Yrs old.
People in west learn Sanskrit and try to take goodness from my culture.
People like you say Brahmin exploited is not always true. May be they would
have exploited to some extend ,but now lower caste are also exploiting
other cannot be ruled out by promoting reservation and putting back the
Talent. Current Position : Our IFS officer Devayani who represent my
country is from Backword Cast and my country image depends upon her.
Whether she has done wrong or right I don’t know. But my support goes for
her irrespective of what cast she belongs to and I belong to. Unfortunately
Maywati (Ex-Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh- from BC) did not want to
support her thinking that she is from Forward Cast. When she came to know
she is BC the she raised voice for her. What is this? Did reservation bring
any change in them? Reservation is backfiring to win or grab vote on caste
basis. Congress exploited the same by increasing quota. What you require
for your country is Talent of Pool. You did’t answer : IAS officer Or IFS
officer who is BC who has huge money and make their kids to study in USA.
Does his grandchildren require reservation any more?. When will they will
stand on their own foot ? Is this not exploitation by BC towards Forward
Cast ? Sulabh Sauchalaya — Run by Pathak (Forward Cast- Brahmins). Do you
ever thought who will be working here. It is Brahmins who are working here
and cleaning the toilets. Check you tube. . Is this not exploitation to
upper caste because he does not even get loans to purchase “ Auto “ for his
lively hood ? He will not get Bank Loan if you don’t have BC certificate.
Now tell me in 21st century who is exploiting. Do you want history to
repeat now and then or you want to change the society into vibrant society
where everyone gets equal opportunity based on talent. You have to decide?
Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Raja Namdev says:


safder wahab says:

I wish I could slap tarun vijay for his vitriolic comments. . N this video
reveils many things how India thinks about Muslims

mohammed ilyas says:


Om Guru says:


Syed aejaz ali says:

You are mistaken hindu basterd i remember babri masjid i will fight to get
it whichever way i can and gujrat will be history one day u looser gay ram
gay ram gay ram sita ki choot me ravan ka bulla .teri amma ki choot me mera
bulla. And modi is gay thats he didnt get marry he suck my dick hahaha

Md Hossen says:

You Kuffors when your kafer dad will die and you gonna burn him front of
many people .
So when you put your kafer dad into the fire and some one request you don’t
burn him then you are not gonna stop to burn your dad dead body ???
Answer is no !!!
So my point is when your sister walking in the street and she is exposing
her very green Kashmiri Apple and some one jump on it who is responsible
for that ???

Vimal Bhai says:

Bharat jaaaaaO party

Azmeer Riaz says:

India and Pakistan is at mercy on Politicians now, there is no hope that
somebody can stop them, they are mighty giants now, they can create plenty
problems for innocent peoples, they raised several sensitive issues which
spoil the mind of innocent nation and they get violent and act like robots
and do what these corrupt politicians want them to do, and finally they
take advantage of the situation, actually all of this is just a fantastic
game of these so called POLITICIANS.

I request humbly from poor nation of these countries to please try to
understand the policy of these parties and do not simply follow them, these
two giant SUPER POWERS will remain DEVELOPING COUNTRIES in next few
centuries, they will not get a title of a DEVELOPED NATION just because of
the deep CORRUPTION by these dangerous viruses.

M Iftikhar says:


Rahul Brahmin says:

lol… burkha dut the corrupt bitch of the Radia tapes fame , runs this
channel .. why wud anyone even take this channel seriously ?

Rehan Haque says:

Sunil pawar the real terrorist is Modi who’s responsible for the murder of
3000 innocent Muslims in gujrat 

Maq Ahm says:

Amit Shah is a Hard core Criminal…He should be hanged….

waquar ahmad says:

owaisi brothers rock…………….

bobby nag says:


Zeshan Ali Khan says:

I welcome Owaisi’s speech against Salman Khan…

MrCitizenwarrior says:

Creating Fear among the poor muslims and getting Vote.. This Suits Owaisi
and team…

Sunder T says:

Politics is a funny business and is the best business today. It does not
need any education, or intelligence. Every Indian is welcome to join, if
he/she has not other occuptation in hand. Best Wishes for 1.20 billion
people within the borders from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. sunderkt at gmail
dot com

Javeed Hussain says:

Asaduddin Owaisi hyderabad king

Pratik Gupta says:

All the issues mentioned by congress party representative are core to hindu

ran dom says:

barkha was totally tasered…noticed dat all news channel are trying to
depict him in strong manner …show how much misleading media can can
be…and how much corrupted dey are too….the mans honesty is in his
eyes…he already proved much for 21 days dan wat congrss did from
independence…congress has made government system itself corrupted..its
going to be a tiring term for him..but once changed..ppl wud expect nothing
less than good….kudos to the first man of this country…

Dharmi Sree says:

Mukham Padmakalakaram,
Vacham Chandana Sheetalam
Hrudyam Vanni Sampatha
Trividam Dushta Lakshanam…

Sanyam Yadav says:

Arvind kejriwal-Hats off!!!!

wind movingleaf says:

Delhi local channels. This is not National channels.I hate every single one
of them, NDTV,CNNIBN,Times Now, Hedlines Today, Newx and every single one
of them. Delhi is not India and India is not Delhi , just the attitude of
all these people in the channels is just corruption to the peak. sick
fu..kers. Uncultured bunch of pigs always want some one from delhi as PM.
If India splits in the future every single one of these pigs are to be
blamed. Pigs corrupt of money and media power. The soon someone shuts down
all of then , it is better for the country. May be make DD like Election

subhash s says:

why kejriwal is acting as if he is against congress…pls aap members don’t
act as u r different from congress..u have only come 2 stop modi ..every
one knows it..

Sreejith Raj says:

immature idiot fakeriwal…he can run an NGO..but not Delhi…cry and sit
for dharna for every petty thing…wat a drama criticizing rahul…actually
fakeriwal is a paid agent of Sonia and congress..innocent delhi people have
been fooled by this kujliwal…a lesson to the rest of India.

Minaxi Vijapura says:

stupid arvind kejri…….bhangi..zadu vala

Amit Agarwal says:

Kejriwal was given people’s power. All he could do is turn the million
hopes into dust within weeks of being catapulted. Kejriwal – you had the
chance to go down in history. But you couldn’t avoid the allure of going
down in toilet bowl. Reminds me of chuha – chahe ghar mein swimming pool hi
kyun na ho use gali ke gatar mein hi tairne se aanand aata hai.

m h Kayani says:

very good interview excellent approach, well done both of you. best of

sanjay garg says:

A Delhite was heard saying:
“We’re surprised… we never thought a day will come when we’ll have
sympathy for Delhi Police”

Thanks AAP, your desperation for attention and your mindless violence has
made entire Delhi Police look like saints.

change has arrived, indeed !

Navtezz Mann says:

we are with you arvind …..

A Singh says:

Many folks did not understand the “Unsung Heroine” behind the success of
AAP. There are countless folks in India who are fed up with corruption and
yearn to do something more than Kejriwal ever wanted. In a normal “Aam
Admi” family husband is the only breadwinner and over mired with day to day
problems (Roti, Kapda, aur Makaan), job, and family and can not spare time
to combat problems like corruption. The main solitary reason behind Arvind
Kejriwal’s success is his beloved and dedicated wife, who took care of
whole family financially and otherwise. She has been the breadwinner and
the care taker of the family during this struggle. By no means Arvind
could pull this alone by any stretch of imagination. She deserves to be
credited in a major way for the success of Arvind Kejriwal. Someone
rightly said that “Behind every successful man is a woman”. Unfortunately,
the media and most people completely missed to admire her for her
contribution. She is the “Unsung Heroine”. Those who abort their
daughters considering them inferior or burden have a lesson to learn from
here. Secondly, all political parties (except AAP) in India are robustly
supported (financially/otherwise) by hard core criminals, rich and
influentials, bureaucrats (IAS/IPS), police, and even courts. Corruption
is their main source of income and if AAP stops that, these parties will
cease to exist. No other political party in the history of India could do
anything about corruption in 65 years what Kejriwal has accomplished within
a few days. Reverberations of the success of AAP are way more far reaching
and countries like China and Pakistan are very worried at the success of
Kejriwal than Congress and BJP because India will emerge as a strong
country. Common sense says that “The Common Man” Arvind Kejriwal “MUST”
have a “TOP CLASS” security. 

Neel Kamal says:

saal tho congress ke sath q atth milaya this Kejriwalis krazy

Aman Chand says:

Yaar I am really not liking Mr. Arivnd Kejriwal say ” Main kya hoon meri
aukaad kya hai ” abe yaar insaan insaan hota hai kya bada kya chota one
should never have such mind set. Mr. Arivnd Kejriwal is an honest well
learned man I am proud of him and we as ppl chosen him as CM we respect him
he should also value himself as well. Its really hurting me he calling
himself .. sach me kya hoti hai ye aukaad yaar. India is a stupid country
where ppl hav such stupid mindset.

Ashish Kohli says:

God Bless India ! God Bless Arvind Kejriwal ! We finally have a hope in
this country !

Aruna Kamath says:

Yeah right…?he won’t take support from congress……

ankit bisht says:

Don’t need character certificate from Rahul Gandhi

Abhi nav says:

Wish the aam aadmi party gives justice to the LGBT community in India by
passing a law for equal marriage laws and rights for human beings of a
society without discriminating them because of their gender orientation.
The majority do not understand what it is to be a minority.

Mandeep Singh says:

first channel interview which i found fair. thanks ndtv.

Vinayaka Abase says:

now where is your words…?
congrs ke sath sarkar banadiya.. kya hi ye..

Madhav Das says:

Let no one be under any misconception that Arvind Kejriwal is groping in
the dark. I think he has in his own mind, thought through this whole
process of governance and politics. He is a true Gandhian in his thinking
and I have no doubt we will see a massive clean up in Delhi and in the
Best wishes to him and the AAP. 

sanju singh says:

i wll never join congress……………..ha ha ha 

Saeed Khan says:

I’m a Pakistani Canadian, surprisingly, I feel related to Arvind Kejriwal,
Aam Party, the Indians who vote for them and celebrate their success.
Congratulations, Arvind, the leader of new generation of India, our region
and our world need the most. The human face of politics. Aam Admi Political
movement, is the best news, rare one from Indo Pak, a hope, history
changing moment to end injustice of highest level, sufferings of poor, in
subcontinent. Go India go, vote Aam Party.

MrJoyride619 says:

Barkha Dutt seems to have got lots of money transfered into her bank
account from BJP and modi.Too bad Barkha Dutt even after seeing this
Tsunami of common people rising and thwarting both BJP and Congress which
are two sides of the same coin thinks common men/women are such idiots that
they cant tell when Barkha Dutt is Batting for BJP and modi.

Kejriwal for Prime Minister 2014

the last reckoning says:

what a massive cheat this charlatan turned out be.”congress se samarthan ka
to sawal hi nai he,han bjp aur congress apas me kuch krskte hain”.what
happened Mr.? you allied with the same people you were indignant at?vocally
exhorting people to not vote for congis in hissar.remember?then debased
something as pious as dharna into a roadside mimicry.first demanding police
reforms,not realizing constitutional reforms cannot be signed on a
roadside.there is a thing called amendments and there is a due process for
that.then realizing his absurdity,brought his demands down from police
reforms to suspension of SHOs.making fool of all those people who sat on
dharna with him.really??that’s what it was all about,holding a city to
ransom for a mere suspension of the people who arn’t even that powerful or
top brass?inconveniencing thousands of delhi commuters and henceforth
causing them a great distress in the name of woman security while
misbehaving with women reporters themselves and resorting to vandalism.all
the while turning a blind eye to their vigilante minister somnath bharti
who is also facing corruption charges.good going Mr. kejriwal.*clap*clap*