Sumeet Kalsey

277/25, Asha Ganj, Ajmer
Sumeet Kalsey

About Me

I’m a web designer & developer, a speaker and author.

I live in Ajmer, Rajasthan and passionate about beautiful design, elegant code, and the intersection of the two. I’m a popular and experienced Website Designer, by the Company Name Shreetapasya.com Good designers and developers rule the web — they’re the ones who build it, after all. And some of the most interesting and useful players in creating the modern Internet are hybrids between those two disciplines — people who can translate between the disparate languages of the visual and the technical.

Developers who can design and designers who can code are one-stop shops and hot commodities, especially in the startup world. Being a jack of all trades allows you to quickly and effectively take products from concept to shipment — something that young companies in particular are eager to do. These hybrids also make great product managers after a bit of experience in both disciplines.

I’m also working as Sub-Editor in online news portal Newsview Media Network, www.newsview.in

I like to write about articles about the current affairs